Dry while running

I know, this hot summer all around the world makes you wish you would never ever have to run in such a heat. Well, but on the other hand we all love running and this is why we go out every day and throw in a couple of kilometers. Its easy. Still, we need to think how to stay as dry and as not-hot as possible.
I’ve written about why you should wear g-strings for running but there is more. I’ve discovered that the best thing to have are nice dry and almost non existing thongs, so you should check out this one.
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Running clothes – mens g-string?

Yes is the answer to this. Being a runner myself, I know how important it is that you wear something comfortable for a run. I never wear anything else than a g-string for all my runs. There are several reasons for this. Wearing boxer shorts under my running shorts looks bad, and the shorts can become a big blob after a couple of miles. So when I go running, this is what I wear. G-strings that are made 90% out of cotton and that are really comfortable. To be sincere, those that I wear are a bit streched because I use them for a while now, so they are even more comfortable for me.
Don’t go any buy them too small for you, because you really don’t want them to rub your delicates during a run.
Check out this pair, I love them for my running and other sports.

I don’t like things in my ass!

This is probably the most used “argument” of people that haven’t yet tried wearing thongs. It comes from the male part even more often than from women. It is true, if you wear men g-strings, there will be something between your ass cheeks all the time. But this does not mean, that this is going to be uncomfortable for you.

It can be, the first time, or also the second or third time. But you need to get used to everything. Remember when you first put on boxers? Well, it was a different feeling, and so is wearing thongs. But the big difference here is, that if you wear thongs, it is true, that you will have something back there, but it is small and you get used to it. But what will never happen is that all your underwear will try to sneak up your ass crack. And more, there is not a lot of material that can roll up, or just swirl into uncomfortable positions on your body.

Should you wear thongs to the gim?

A very common question, that is posted on different forums is, if you as a man should wear g-strings or thongs to the gym, swimming pool or any other place to “show off” your g-string in a changing room.

A lot of men are comfortable wearing thongs, because they know that people won’t notice them, if you wear them during the day. You can go to your office or other workplace, and no one will notice. But if you go and change in the locker room, your thong will be noticed by others.

The real question here is, do you care? You should not. People wear underwear that they like. And so should you.

What you should do, when changing in a public place, where other people will see your g-string is, just don’t care. Don’t hurry or try to hide your underwear. People don’t give a crap, if you don’t pull attention to yourself. So just go in there, take your clothes off and put your training wear on, as if you would, if you would wear boxers or slip.

Of course people will notice. But the “agreed” way to deal with this between guys is, ‘just don’t mention it’. So don’t worry, people won’t point to you, and go “Dude, why do you wear thongs”. They will just go about their business as usual.

And do read the G-strings for sports, so that you will know what thong underwear to wear for sports.

Most comfortable mens g-strings

Asking yourself, what kind of gstrings you should buy, to be comfortable wearing them? A good question, buying cheap non-comfortable thongs will just make you not wear thema. At all.
So a couple of things you should look for.
1. The material. There is nothing better than cotton. It is soft and it makes comfortable clothing. The thong should be made out of at least 80% cotton, the rest can be any other stretch material. Those can be sports g-strings.
Comfortable g-string2. The cut. Low cut, high cut, double cut, well some of them are comfortable, the others are not. To be on the safe sideif you are going to wear them the whole day, just buy regular, classic cut thongs. You can try later and buy sole low cut mrns g-strings, just to feel the sxiness, but those should not be your first.
3. funny g-strings. A BIG no-no. They are not made to be worn for a longer period of time, so you should not buy some cheap ones, just to teat them. I wrote about this one in the Thongs are not a birthday gift.
4. G-strings or regular thongs? Well the jury is still out on this one, it is true, that the g-strings have a thinner material that goes between your ass cheeks, but that can be less comfortable. on the other hand, a nice, bit wider material that you find on a regular thong, can be almost as if you would not wear anything.

So, what do you prefer?

Never buy thongs for birthday

This article will tell you why you or your friends not should buy thongs as a birth day present for your, or someones birthday.
The problem is in the thong that people normally buy as such gifts. The male thong has to be as comfortable as a female thong, and that means that is has to me made of quality materials, and has to be cut in such a way that it does not make any problems while the guy wears it. The gift thongs are more or less skimpy, made out of cheap material and not really comfortable. Because of this, the guy tries them on, and is not going to like it, and is not going to think about ever wearing them again.
What you need to do, if you would like your bf to wear thongs, is, you need to buy him quality and comfortable thongs, they dont have to be really sexi. When you give them to him, ask him to wear them once, one day, just for you. Some people need some time to get used to them, but like them later on.
Funny birthday g-stringsThis is the best way to get your boyfriend to wear thongs, or g-strings. Try and comment, do you agree?

Thong vs. G-String


Mens g-string


Mens thong

Did you ever wonder, what’s the difference between a mens thong and a mens g-string. Here is your answer :D
Thongs usually have more fabric on them. The part that goes in the back is wider, usually a centimeter or two wide, and is the same width. Thongs also have a wider triangle that connects the part that goes into the backside and the part that goes around your hips.
On the other hand, g-strings have just a narrow string, that goes from the front part and to the back. This way they are much more comfortable, because there is less fabric, that can be in your way. It is true on the other hand, that when you buy a g-string you need to be a bit more cautious, because if the string is made from a low grade material, it can be uncomfortable.
There is no difference in the part that goes around your hips, in both cases it can be just a string, but more often the g-strings that men wear have less fabric in that area. G-strings are usually also sexier.

Gstring as a sport underwear?

A lot of men and women, that I talked to, told me that they do not like to wear gstrings or thongs when working out. Running, skating or other sports, they always use boxers or slip, but not thongs.

I seem to disagree, because I believe that thongs are the best running underwear, and don’t really wear any other when I go for my daily run. Why? Here are a couple of reasons, and they are all connected to the small overall size of thongs. Here we go:

1. They absorb less sweat and/or humidity. Because of the small size, its just less fabric on your body, that means less fabric that can get wet, doesen’t matter if it is your sweat from your workout, or humidity from the air, or rain. And we really don’t want to be wearing a lot of wet fabric while we run, do we?

2. You cool off faster. Again, thongs and gstrings cover a smaller portion of your skin than boxer shorts, that means that you don’t get as hot. Summer sports can be a hot and sweaty thing, so we try to be covered with fabric as little as possible, so why would you want to wear big boxer shorts, just to be even hotter?

Sports thongs3. They stay where they are supossed to. Boxers are a special problem, because they can roll and make you feel uncomfortable. This is especially a problem, when you wear tight sports clothes, like bycicle or running shorts. And it looks bad.

So, what is your oppinion on this, do you men wear thongs or gstrings for work-out seesions?

There is one minor problem with them, as I see it. On sporting events and other sport activities, you sometimes need to change in public, and wearing boxer shorts can make it easier for you to change in public or semi-public if you will. Thongs can show a bit too much.

Almost naked thongs for you

Almost naked is what it says. It gives you the feeling of wearing almost nothing or as little as possible, for you to still be comfortable in your underwear, but still have as little as possible on your secret parts.
The specs sey it all, its a Regular fit thong, with a 1 1/4 inch (3.2 cm) elastic waistband with th elogo, and its made from 94% super soft Rayon, made from Bamboo and 6& spandex. With its extra room in front, for you to store everything that you have to put in, your package falls naturally into the super soft snuggle pocket.

The thong is a package enhancing anatomically correct underwear.

Find them in black, red, white, navy and royal blue.

Click to find it in the store near you!

Classic male thong

Here they are, as we all love them. Comfortable, so that you can wear them every day. To school or to the office, you won’t feel a thing for the day. On the other hand they are made to make you feel sexy and this is what they are doing.

Why do we like those classic thongs? You don’t have to worry that you will show them around, when you bend and on the other hand they are not really low cut, that means they give you all the support that you need. But still, they are small enough to cover just what is most needed and nothing else. They still you give you the feeling of freedom that you are supposed to get from a thong.